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 RPG Forum Rules

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PostSubject: RPG Forum Rules   RPG Forum Rules EmptyFri Nov 12, 2010 9:26 pm

RPG Rules

All Standard Forum Rules apply, in addition to the following:

Creating a RPG

Before creating a RPG, you must have a minimum of three members interesting in joining. You can get people interested in your idea by posting it in the Discussion and Development Forum. In addition, you must create a character sheet for your players to follow when they are creating their characters. Once those two requirements are met, you are ready to post your RPG. Keep in mind that you may only post two active RPGs at a time. If you have an idea that you simply need to be put into action, try collaborating with another member to post a joint-RPG.

Note, all RPGs that are inactive for two weeks will be closed. PM an Administrator, Global Moderator, or Moderator of this section if you want it reopened.

Godmodding and Powerplaying

Godmodding is not tolerated under any circumstances. This includes (but is not limited to) controlling characters other than your own and having your character perform tasks outside of their normal abilities. The same rules apply to Powerplaying. Your character may NOT have excessive superhuman abilities unless permission is given by the RPG creator. There are no exceptions.

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RPG Forum Rules
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