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 Artists' Area Rules

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Artists' Area Rules Empty
PostSubject: Artists' Area Rules   Artists' Area Rules EmptyFri Nov 12, 2010 10:05 pm

Artists' Hangout Rules

This is the forum for all you arts enthusiasts out there. Here you can discuss everything from famous artists, a specific piece of art to different painting techniques. You can also feel free unleash your inner artist, and showcase some of your own small works of art. Just follow the rules, and remember that all Standard Forum Rules apply, in addition to the following:


We wish to have a constructive environment here. If you want to offer criticism, please do so in a polite and civil manner.

Showcasing your work:

You may only showcase your own work. You may have ONE thread per category you want to showcase (photography, CAD, paintings etc.).

Guide to posting pictures:

Because we only offer minimal upload space here, you must use an image hosting site such as Photobucket. Creating an account there is easy and free.

If you're having trouble uploading your images, read Photobucket's upload tutorial: Here.

Note: Some image sites to avoid are ImageShack (it will fill your linked image with ads), DeviantArt (this is a gallery and social site, not an image host), and Flickr (also a gallery and social site, and will delete your account if you are found hot-linking your images on other sites).

After you've uploaded the image, you can copy the image's link and paste it in your post, using either the code CODE
Artists' Area Rules Linkfor full size image, or CODE
[timg]link[/timg]for thumbnail. If the image is big, we recommend using thumbnails.

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Artists' Area Rules
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