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 Things you may want to know about Graphics

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Fallen Elf
Fallen Elf

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PostSubject: Things you may want to know about Graphics   Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:11 pm

How do I make graphics?

The two graphic programs that I'll recommend are Adobe Photoshop and GIMP.
Photoshop (PS) is generally considered the better of the two, having more tools and effects available. Unfortunately, the cheapest version of Photoshop you can get is $50, and the best is currently running at around $600, so it's not in the price range of many casual gfxers, unless they can have some way to get it at a cheaper price.
GIMP, although lacking in some of the tools that PS has, is freeware, meaning everyone can download it at no price. You can get it here:
More dedicated users are able to do almost everything on GIMP that you can do on PS, although it usually involves a little more work.
Of course, you don't need either of these to do graphics. Any photo editing program you happen to have would work, so don't feel confined by the programs that you've got.

I don't want to actually make graphics, I just want to get a signature!

Don't worry, only a small percentage of the people on this forum that have signature images actually made them themselves. If you want a customized signature like I have mine, just ask.

Ok, now I've got a graphics program, how do I work it?

Well, there's a few ways you can go about this. I recommend that you try to get the feel for your program on your own, by trying different things, and seeing what everything does. If you feel that you really do need some help, or you want to learn new styles and techniques, you can use a tutorial. You can pretty much find anything you'd ever want by googling "insert program name here tutorial," but I'll link you to some of the nicer ones here.
GIMP tutorials:
Photoshop tutorials:

Where can I find some good Resources (renders, stocks, brushes, C4Ds, etc.)?

We've got a helpful topic full of links to that stuff already, here, although it mostly has links to renders.

If you're looking for stocks, you have a few options. Either check DeviantArt for some nice stocks, and be sure to ASK THE CREATOR OF THE STOCK IF YOU CAN USE IT FIRST, find a website that has a collection of stock images (many of these are pay sites), or Google a celebrity and find some good photo shoot images. The last one is probably the most common.

C4Ds are harder to find. You will be able to find a good amount of them on DeviantArt, but before you use them, be sure that the author stated that you're free to use it in your graphics.

I made a signature, now how do I use it?

If you made the sig yourself, you'll need to upload it to an image hosting site. I recommend either Photobucket, or Imageshack. Once you've got it up there, you'll need to get the img tag from it. If you're having trouble finding that tag, it should look like

Then, once you have that copied, you'll need to click on My Controls near the forum's header, and then go to Edit Signature. Paste your img tag in, and you're done!

If someone made the sig on request for you, you should save the image onto a file, and then upload it to your own hosting site, unless the creator gives you the img tag to use. If they do, that probably means that they don't mind you borrowing their space. If they don't then it's best to upload it to your own hosting site, to avoid making anybody mad.

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Night Angel Kage
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Vice Administrator
Night Angel Kage

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PostSubject: Re: Things you may want to know about Graphics   Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:05 am

I liek this a lot fallen. Good guide.
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Things you may want to know about Graphics
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